NJNA has been exhibiting as a group for a number of years at the annual Needlework show at the Woodlawn-Pope Leighy House in Alexandria, VA. The exhibit is held annually in March and is open daily 10am – 4pm, except Tuesdays. During April and May, there will be opportunities to view the exhibit virtually. This is a wonderful needlework show that is supported each year by the Nelly’s Needlers, an all-volunteer group of passionate needleworkers who have supported our site for over 50 years. You can find more info and purchase tickets to the show at http://www.woodlawnpopeleighey.org/annualneedleworkshow-1.

The list of 2022 exhibitors is provided here. The NJNA entries are 300 thru 319. We will be showcasing NJNA’s pieces at our August meeting