2018 SOTM: Autumn Kaleidoscope

After much discussion and voting, the NJNA SOTM group chose Lorene Salt’s Autumn Kaleidoscope for our 2018 SOTM project.  It is an interesting geometric with some new threads and lots of different stitches. Our group has grown significantly with this project – we’re now at 24 with 19 doing Kaleidoscope and 5 continuing past projects!

There is an original colorway and a second colorway posted by someone who had stitched it.  As usual, while many NJNA SOTM members chose the original or second colorway which were available as kits from A Stitching Shop in Denver, quite a few members decided to explore different colorways.  The range of colorways is beautiful – watch our blog at NJNA 2018 SOTM for progress!

One of the goals and benefits of our SOTM group is to share information on what we are stitching and help each other improve our techniques.  Some tips we’ve already discovered and shared with each other on this piece:

  1. Mark the schematic for the prework at the top since this is NOT square. There are 78 stitches across (156 threads) and 76 stitches down (152 threads).
  2. The stitch diagrams for the Smyrna inner border (Page 1) are two separate diagrams even though it looks like the diagram for a corner: one for stitching across and the other for stitching down.  In the border there is no empty thread at the corner!
  3. To simplify counting the Smyrnas in the border, stitch the first leg of the cross stitch only, then every 10th stitch, complete the cross.  This will allow you to count the stitches completed by tens.  Much less chance of mistakes.
  4. Do not complete the inner border Smyrnas until all the interior stars are stitched.  This will make counting the beginning of the diagonal row of Stars much easier to locate.  It will also make it easier to double check each box to see if it is in the right location.
  5. Sue C found Size 23 tapestry needles made by John James and Sue R says they are terrific for those times that Size 22 just seem to drag through the canvas.  Sue C first got them at In Stitches in Alexandria, VA. and they are available locally at Needleworker’s Delight.
  6. Area 9 – the consensus seemed to be that a 30″ length of the 1st Color (Neon Rays N82 if you are using the original colorway) is needed to complete the entire Sprat’s Head stitch. However, if you prefer shorter lengths, the stitch is forgiving.
  7. Area 10 – the instructions call for Threadworx #8 Pearl Cotton 51072 (original colorway) for the trellis.  That should be Threadworx #5.
  8. Area 13 – Linda M used 36″ lengths for each of the Horizontal and Vertical Paddings and a 50″ length for the Sprats Head.