2014 SOTM: A Different View

In 2014 the NJNA SOTM group started doing the ANG 2014 SOTM and decided it did not meet their needs as a group.  Instead, they selected “A Different View” designed by Kurdy Biggs for their Stitch-of-the-Month project.  This was an interesting project where there were instructions for 6 octagons and 5 squares; the stitcher chose which 4 octagons would be used and where they would be placed as well as which squares would be placed where.  While there were several defined colorways, several NJNA SOTM stitchers used a lot of creativity in designing their own colorways.  Our monthly progress is reported on our blog NJNA 2014 SOTM.

Completed pieces (click on photo to see whose piece it is):


Some of the in-progress photos – what a difference the framing makes!