2016 SOTM: Feuilles d’Ananas

For 2016 NJNA chose the official ANG Stitch-of-the-Month project, “Feuilles d’Ananas” designed by Susan Hoekstra.  Our Stitch of the Month group loved the project and chose it for our 2016 project. The one thing many of us like about using the ANG Stitch of the Month is that we only get one section at a time so we’re all working at the same pace so we can discuss the stitch, thread, and colors at the same time.

Many different colorways were picked by the NJNA SOTM group.  Linda was the only one who stitched the original as several of us found the colors and threads by themselves were not appealing.  Watch the effect, however, of seeing them stitched together into a beautiful cohesive piece!  We certainly learned a lot about the characteristics of colors and how the different hues interact.

You can watch our progress on our blog NJNA 2016 SOTM.  Our finished pieces will be displayed here shortly!