2019 Chapter Projects

After much discussion and voting, the NJNA SOTM group chose ANG’s 2019 Stitch of the Month project designed by Debbie Rowley, Linda Reinmiller, Mary Knapp, and Pat Hartman for our 2019 SOTM project.  More information can be found on the ANG website (https://www.needlepoint.org/page/SOTM2019).

This project is a mystery!  We have absolutely no idea what it will ultimately look like.  We are given thread suggestions used by the designers but not which ones are used where – it’s an opportunity to use your creativity and trust your instincts!  There will be lots of “I wish I had” I’m sure as the year goes on.  However, it is a great opportunity for discussion and learning and a way to step outside our comfort zones!

Our group continues to grow with this project – we’re now at 25 or 26 with a few continuing past projects!

Watch our progress on our blog – .

Some stitching tips we’ve learned along the way specific to this project:

  1. The left and right sides of the “eyes” are not symmetric –  check the diagrams!