2018 Chapter Projects

2018 has a myriad of fun projects and techniques:

  • Winter Stars is a quick workup based on a free chart from Rainbow Gallery and led by Cathryn.  NJNA provided members with the canvas and Edwardian provided thread kits for purchase.  This is also a great stash-busting project!
    Screenshot 2018-02-19 21.03.52
  • Valentine Heart is another good stash-busting project that is a quick workup based on a free chart from Carole Lake of Stitchplay designs. As with many other projects, NJNA will provide the light blue canvas. The website for the design listed six threads, but Cathryn substituted more readily-available threads instead. You will need 6-inch by 6-inch stretcher bars. The official thread list follows along with Cathryn’s choices so raid your red stash and substitute copiously:
    • Design Threads
      • Shimmer Blend Ribbon red/wine 39
        DMC Perle Cotton #8 white
        Tiara Red Blend T145
        Kreinik #8 braid 003HL and 002
        Needle Necessities OD perle cotton #8 155
    • Cathryn’s Threads
      • Neon Rays + NP26 (2 cards in place of shimmer blend ribbon)
        DMC Perle Cotton #8 white
        Treasure Braid TR295 (instead of Tiara Blend)
        Kreinik #8 braid 003HL and 002
        Threadworx 81089 Bleeding Heart (instead Needle Necessities OD)
        Screenshot 2018-02-19 21.05.47
  • In April (since our March meeting was cancelled due to snow!), we will have a program about our website and blog, including how to submit blog entries.
  • NJNA is pleased to announce that we will stitch David McCaskill’s “Patriotic Topiary” in May and June. The cost of the kit will be $45 and it includes directions, drawn canvas, and embellishments.
    Screenshot 2018-02-19 21.14.11
  • July will be our annual salad supper – a great time to socialize and taste the culinary contributions of our members!  We will also be discussing the critiques received by those who submitted their pieces to Woodlawn and requested a critique from the judges.
  • August will be a stitch-in and a discussion of common needlework mistakes as well as things to watch for when you submit a piece for judging.  What a great opportunity to be reminded of the little things we can do to improve our stitching results.
  • The date for our September meeting is a week earlier than usual due to the holidays during our usual meeting time so mark your calendar accordingly.  We will be doing a quick key fob project that should be a lot of fun as we hear the experiences of our members who attend the ANG National Seminar.
  • October will be a special treat as Pam from Edwardian Needle will be teaching us about ribbon work with a small fun project.
  • November – TBD
  • December will be our annual holiday gathering.  Bring a small needlework gift to exchange ($20 max) as well as a salad or dessert to share.

We are experimenting with ways to have our distance members join our meetings so watch for updates via email.  Please be patient with us as we try out different formats.