NJNA Meeting Summaries

NJNA produces a meeting summary for each monthly meeting.  We hope that this provides members who can’t attend the meeting a sense of continuity and community with their fellow stitchers.

Member comments:

“I do not know whose idea this was to take pictures, but I think it is a fabulous one.  I was impressed and I was at the actual meeting- which was OK, but the pictures make it look even better than OK!”

“Wonderful!!!!  Can we put some (or all) of this out on our website?  It would be a great advertisement for people who are looking at joining our group.”

“This is SUPERB!!!!   Thank you…I think it will be a boost to membership!”

“I wanted to let you know that the meeting summary is a wonderful way for me to feel at least somewhat connected.  I really am sorry I missed the show-and-tell.  All the pieces are awesome and I would have liked to see them in person.”

“Once again that was FABULOUS!  Thank you so much for putting this together.  I think last month’s helped to get a better turnout this month.”

“Love this.  Really keeps us connected if we cannot be there.”

“It was great to see the photos and learn what everyone is working on.”

“I really love this, and  appreciate it even more since my schedule has made it impossible for me to attend recently.”


The Meeting Summaries starting November 2013 are below.  Earlier summaries are in the Member’s Only Section of the NJNA website.  Enjoy!

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