2021 – Stratigraphy, Asymmetrical Copper, and Petite Arabesque

The NJNA SOTM group announced that we would allow stitching on three projects for 2021. This is because there was a love/hate relationship with the ANG SOTM. The three options are Stratigraphy, Asymmetrical Copper, and Petite Arabesque. Please note that most of our members modify designs/colors to suit their own taste! Watch our blog for our progress and below for hints and tips we learn as we progress.

Stratigraphy is the 2021 Stitch of the Month, designed by Jennifer Riefenberg. It is available on the ANG website. A new file is posted on the first business day of each month. Members are already planning their different colorways so keep an eye for our progress.

  • Members suggested looking at the USGS Geologic Mapping Colors. One member is considering doing a rainbow of colors; another is using a photo of the Grand Canyon to select her colors. It will be fun to watch the progress!
  • The May stitch is a square Jessica that needs to be compensated in 2 spots. Melita has kindly charted these for us as it is not a simple stitch to compensate especially since the side being compensated is where you start! Hopefully these help on the compensation. There are 2 versions: one where they all share a hole one canvas thread away from the top; a second one where two threads share a hole one and two canvas threads away – this one might make a smaller opening but may not be noticeable. 
Square Jessica compensation

Asymmetrical Copper is a Jeff Kulick available in the November/December 2020 issue of Needle Pointers, the magazine of the American Needlepoint Guild. This is available online to ANG members. Some members are going to square off the design by doing it in 4 sections. Watch for different colorways and other design changes.

Asymmetrical Copper

Petite Arabesque by Laura Perin is a self-purchase available through various shops.

Petite Arabesque

All NJNA members are welcome to join this fun group which meets on the second Saturday of every month. The only requirement is that you be working on either a current or past SOTM project when we meet in person. We learn from each other.