Background Sampler I

Background Sampler I is a study in different stitches, as well as in the use of overdye threads.  The individual stitches stand on their own as a learning project. But there is extensive information provided with regard to the use of these stitches – not only as backgrounds on painted canvases, but also in their uses with different weights of threads in developing ideas on how to have some objects to come forward in a design and others to recede.  David’s instructions also include many of his ideas for the use of these stitches.

The piece is essentially monochromatic, with the threads chosen being coordinated with the canvas color chosen (several choices). The threads include cotton floss, an overdye floss, pearl 5 and pearl 8 threads, and a kreinik thread.  The finished piece is generally finished as either a pillow or framed.

David McCaskill originally taught Background Sampler I as a cyberclass in 1999.  Since then our own Cathryn Curia has led the project several times and graciously offered to teach the class for us over 3 days – September 16-17, 2017 and November 12, 2017. The break gave us time to work on the piece and be able to ask questions during the last session.  The class was held at Needleworker’s Delight – a great stitching (and shopping) location with wonderful shop owners as hosts.

Our blog posts give a little insight and photos.  Watch for photos of our finished products soon!