2013 SOTM: Four-Way Florentine

In 2013, several NJNA members decided to do the ANG 2013 Stitch of the Month (SOTM) project as a group on the first Saturday of each month at a member’s house.  We knew the name of the project, that is was designed by Debbie Stiehler, what size canvas, what threads, and that there were 3 color families – main with 5 color values, second with 4 color values, and an accent color with 3 values.  We had no idea what the final project would look like, which is what we found to be the most fun.  Instructions were posted the first of each month and we eagerly copied it down that day anticipating our Saturday stitching.

Discussions of color, design, what would be done next, etc. were all part of creating a fun stitching day each month.

The finished designs didn’t always reflect what we expected but are all remembered for the fun in creating them.  Check out our 2013 SOTM Blog postings that reflect our progress that led to these finished pieces.