2017 SOTM: My Way and Stars for the New Millenium

In 2017, NJNA selected two projects that people could choose between: Carolyn Mitchell’s “My Way” and Tony Minieri’s “Stars for the New Millenium.”  Our group is slowly growing – we had 8 or 10 people stitching “Stars” and 2 or 3 stitching “My Way”, in addition to a few still finishing prior year’s SOTM projects.  This has proven to be a wonderful way to spend a day a month just stitching and enjoying one another’s company, especially when we are all stitching the same piece in different colors!

Stars for the New Millenium, in particular, is a challenging yet extremely fun and addictive piece to stitch – it is broken into 12 squares, plus the borders and sashing.  As you progress through a square, you want to keep stitching to see what the impact of the next stitch, thread, or color will be.  While each square could be a project itself such as an ornament, seeing them together with the sashing and border lends an additional dimension to the finished product.

While several members chose to use some of the pre-defined colorways, others chose to use their own.  Just picking the threads and colors took several hours!  Thank goodness for The Edwardian Needle’s wide selection of threads and the kindness of Cathryn C and others at the shop for help in picking threads.

Watch for our finished pieces to be displayed here!  In the interim, you can see the monthly progress on our blog NJNA 2017 SOTM.