Susan Hoekstra’s Diamond Jubilee!

On April 17, 2016, Susan Hoekstra will teach Diamond Jubilee as a workshop for New Jersey Needle Artist members!  Venue is to be determined based on number of sign-ups.  Please see the linked coupon for details and send $25 to reserve your seat!  Total cost is based on number of participants.

Workshop Coupon

Diamond Jubilee
Design by Susan Hoekstra

Diamond Jubilee

Susan H’s Diamond Jubilee in Blue Teal Colorway

Threads used:
Rachelette, Pepper Pot Silk, Mandarin Floss, Splendor Kreinik #12 braid and 4 colors of beads.

Stitches used:
8 Way Amadeus, Diagonal Gobelin, Partial Walneto, Alternating Mosaic, Double Layered Satin, Hungarian, Scotch, Alternating Star Jessica, Couching, Pavilion Units with Mirrored Rows of Zig Zag Brick Units, plus more.

Diamond Jubilee:
A piece designed specifically for the New Jersey Needle Artists. Enjoy the focal point of the
piece and its ability to expand all the way out to the Alternating Star Jessica border. The focal point of the 8 Way Amadeus remains important even though there are many other design elements to catch your eye. The Partial Walneto corners also keep you within the piece while helping you to re-view the inside design elements. This is a piece which will create many hours of stitching enjoyment!

Advanced Intermediate stitching level.
Kit Cost: $56.00
Three colorways available – Blue Teal, Golden Purple and Kings Maroon

First Colorway

Golden Purple Colorway

Second Colorway.jpg

Kings Maroon Colorway