2015 Ro Pace Flowers of Italy

Our 2015 project was taken from the 2011 ANG SOTM by Ro Pace called Flowers of Italy.

Rona's 2011 SOTM

Rona’s Flowers of Italy

The project contains beautiful stitches:

  • Waffle
  • Chilly Hollow
  • Fleur De Lis
  • Double Fan Doubled
  • Walnetto
  • Amadeus
  • Diamond Jessica
  • Sprats Head
  • Reverse Sprats Head
  • 8 Point Star and
  • Angel Wings

Stitchers are encouraged to make their own color choice as well as play with the layout. The ANG website provides photos of finished work for inspiration. Our chapter is also teaching a number of these stitches throughout the year to add to our stitch notebook.

What a wonderful idea, pairing project with stitch notebook education! We are learning and creating!!!

As more of our group finishes, you will be able to compare colors in the photo gallery!